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Free 1st grade math worksheets

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A fun 1st grade math app that will give your child excellent practice with essential math skills that are fundamental for them to be successful in mathematics: addition, subtraction, number sense, geometry shapes, patterns, and comparison.

Priced at only $0.99, this is the best value math app that generates thousands of unique math worksheets, challenging math puzzles, and interesting math games. It is easy to use and fun for young children to learn and play on the iPad independently.

Main Features:
1. Addition and subtraction: players can practice adding numbers or subtracting nubmers up to 20.
2. Number sense: players practice number comparing, number sorting, and number patterns.
3. Math puzzles: players practice creative thinking and problem solving skills.
4. Scratch Pad - Child can use a colorful scratch pad to write down their thoughts and path to get the answers.
5. Help - Players can choose whether to use help when work on the problems.
6. Encouragement- this math app will show cheers and scores to encourage kids when they get the right answer.

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