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Mochi Pettan

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Once upon a time there were twin brothers...

Elder one's name is Tsukuichi and younger one's is Tanji.
They are training hard achieve a master of Mochi-Tsuki all day all night.

Tsukuichi holds a kine (wooden hammer) to pound mochi, Tanji stands by the usu (wooden mortar) to turn mochi.

Once their timing works together in harmony, there will be the ultimate Mochi.

And today, the sound of Pettan Pettan, that comes from pounding mochi, echoes around...


[How to]
You play Tsukuichi on the right of the screen.
You press the button to pound mochi as Tanji on the left turns over it in the usu.

It is very dangerous to wield a kine when Tanji's hand is still in usu.
So watch for the very best timing that his hand is out of it and press the button to pound.

As you pound mochi, the speed of turning over becomes faster.
So be careful and watch out for the timing.

And by pound mochi in time continuously, your score will be high.
So go get the high score!


[about Mochi-Tsuki]
Mochi-Tsuki is a traditional event to make Mochi.
Mochi is the rice cake which is Japanese food.
Usual way, two people do the work alternatively.

Put steamed mochi rice (glutinous rice), into Usu (wooden or stone mortar).
One holds Kine (Wooden hammer), and pound mochi.

A peace of mochi rice will be crushed and be sticky by being pounded.

The other tries to make mochi crush evenly, wet and turn it trying not for it to stick to the usu since the mochi has been sticky by pounded.

By repeating the work, mochi will be ready.

The scene what those two conveys the harmony must be mystical.