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Symmetry Exercise for Low Back Pain

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About this App.
“Symmetry Exercise for Lower Back Pain” is an App. formulated by Athletic Trainner of Japan Olympic Committee and Osteopath clinic supervisor Masayuki Nagai, providing a lower back pain improvement program tailored to your symptoms.

Improve Lower Back Pain, Obtain a Beautiful Body

While lower back pain comes in various forms including hernia, slipped discs and stress fractures, there is one factor at the root of it all - incorrect usage of your body.
This leads not only to back pain, but also weight gain. Depending on how your use your body, over-burdening the intervertebral discs can lead to hernia; too much load on bones can result in stress fractures (separation of lumbar vertebrae) and too much stress on joints can lead to a slipped disc.

The left-to-right asymmetrical movements associated with long hours spent at the desk, daily habits and playing sports all act to produce laterality in the muscles, distorting the body. The aim of the “symmetry exercises” carried out in this app is to enable you to use your joints and muscles symmetrically, both left and right. Simply put, learning the correct way to use your body will not only ameliorate lower back pain, it will also help you get in shape.

So, it’s time to get into the habit of practicing “Symmetry Exercise for Lower Back Pain” and to reap the benefits of a well balanced and “beautiful functional body”!

*Not specific to diseases with names such as lumbar disc herniation or spinal canal stenosis.

・Please address any enquiries regarding the App to the following email address:
《》Japanese only

■Please Read:
・It is important to carefully read through the “How to Use” section before commencing the exercises.
・Depending on responses given in the self-check section, exercises may not be prescribed. Please confirm the particulars in the “How to Use” section.
・In the unlikely event that the exercises cause you physical discomfort, please desist from practicing the exercises immediately.

・This App does not guarantee the effectiveness of the exercises.
・Please take personal responsibility when using this App.
・ Please be forewarned that we will bear no responsibility for any kind of loss or damage stemming from the use of this App.

Masayuki Nagai
Director, Nakameguro Nagai Orthopedic Cinic
Judo Therapist (Bone Resetter)
Japan Sports Association Certified Athletic Trainer
Japan Olympic Medical Committee Medical Staff