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Meeting Analyser

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Productivity
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Rate the dynamics of your team by analyzing the things they say - not just in meetings.

This tool allows you to simply tap screen buttons (optionally vibrating the device) to count six types of behaviour.

Behaviours are grouped into these pairs: Positivity/Negativity, Asking/Telling and You/Me.
Meeting Analyser (Analyzer) provides both a count of each behaviour and also a ratio for each pair.
These ratios give strong indicators of team dynamics which are largely self-explanatory and can be used to justify the need for training, team-building etc.

The Statistics screen, accessed via the i button, reveals the calculated metrics.
Functions are provided to reset them either as pairs or collectively and also to correct accidental taps.

Imagine how this could be used in your meetings (and not just by managers)...
One of the attendees listens to the things people say and on detecting, for example, an attendee
being negative about something someone else said, taps the Negative button. Someone else asks a question in
an open manner and this is counted by a tap on the Asking button. And so on.
How you interpret which behaviours should drive which buttons depends on the type of team you have
and is largely up to you.
At the end of the meeting, feedback may be provided to the attendees in the form of the three key
ratios counted. Screen dumps may be saved to the Camera Roll for posterity in the usual manner
(briefly press the power and home buttons).

The large buttons mean that the app could even be used unobtrusively under the table or in a pocket - using the
optional vibrate function to confirm the count was logged each time. The layout of the buttons has been chosen
to make it easy to remember their positions for precisely this reason.

Remember this tool could be used in other contexts, not just meetings. Open plan offices are a rich source of
behaviours displayed and sitting at a hot-desk listening and quietly tapping buttons in Meeting Analyser can reveal
much about informal behaviour, outside the more structured setting of a meeting where people tend to
be more cautious about the things they say and do.

Who might benefit from using Meeting Analyser?
Business training or coaching organisations;
Managers or other Senior Management and Directors;
Human Resources (HR) teams;
Team Performance professionals;
Administration Managers and Board Secretaries;
Anyone who is either captivated or frustrated by the performance of their team.

Please note: vibration only works on devices which support this functionality. This app was written with the iPhone
or iPod Touch in mind but also works on the iPad in compatibility mode (there is no HD version yet, sorry).

We have carefully tested Meeting Analyser on many devices so we are sure it will work on yours
but please don't hesitate contact us using the Support link provided in the App Store if you have any
problems for a very fast response.

Thank you for reading this - I am very confident you will be happy with your purchase.

Jonathan Groves
July 2013
PS Works fine with iOS6 and iOS7!