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Mood Shifter

iPhone / iPad
  • Lifestyle
  • Health & Fitness
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The wrong mood can sabotage your confidence, your relationships, the opportunities that life brings you, ruin your day and make you feel bad about everything, especially yourself. But now, you can stop being a victim of your moods and take control. The Mood Shifter will get you out of the mood you don't want and into the mood that you want quickly and easily.

Shift from: angry, fearful, insecure, pessimistic, powerless, sad, stressed, worried or jealous

To: confident, empowered, forgiving, happy, loving, optimistic, peaceful, self-love or understanding

• Uses state-of-the-art healing and change technology
• An easy-to-follow process that takes about 10 minutes
• Puts you in command of your feelings
• Clears out the old mood and replaces it with a new mood of your choice
• Heals the underlying energy causing the bad mood
• Raises your vibration
• Excellent for Law of Attraction
• Fast, easy, safe, natural, lasting

The Mood Shifter will make you a master of your emotions and ensure that you have confidence when you need it, peace when you want it and the mood you want to support your goals and be happy.