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Children Story

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"Children's story"
It is dedicated to all the parents of a baby story, listen to the songs of the application, it carefully selected for you: a bedtime story, the story of Green's fairy tales Ancient Chinese Literature Search, three kinds of classic sounds of the songs story.
Collected stories:
Little Tadpoles Looking for mother, the three little pigs, grandma and the little cat, red apples, pig's gift, the tortoise and the hare, polite to pull out the radish, rabbit, pig eating watermelon, Winnie buy candy,
Dance, have a well-thought-out plan, push, wait for windfalls, thousands of miles to send goose feather, as Cao Chong said, cast pearls before swine, on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, self deception,
Snow white, little red riding hood, the frog prince, the wolf and the seven little kids, Cinderella. The baby take a shower song, as Cao Chong said, the goddess of the moon, the ugly duckling, Chunxiao, clever little boy, Darwin observed the fun, polite bunny, cast pearls before swine, grateful, the tortoise and the hare, very hungry caterpillar ", red apple, borrowing power to do evil, Fox and horse, the fox and the cat, Cinderella, the frog in the well, a tranquil night, lazy spinning woman, the wolf and the seven little kids, and wolf, wolf, old grandma and the little cat, mice, birds and sausage, a mouse, two chickens, the little match girl 001, sell the little match girl 002, on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, the thumb girl, the farmer and the devil, nixies, thousands of miles to send goose feather, buckwheat, the Frog Prince _01, rich and poor, three lazy, to call on sb. repeatedly, the three little pigs, lice and fleas, wait, come, sleeping beauty, Sima Guang hit the tank, looks at the Mount Lu falls, the chickens, I a very hungry ah, borrow small house lizard tail, small eggshell story, children fishing, small cock and the little duck, Little Red Riding Hood _01, red _02, red _03, tadpole painting, Little Tadpoles Looking for mother, the little mouse 'knock long', Xiaomaguohe, piggy cried with great care, buy candy, bear, pig's gift, The stars have a well-thought-out plan, silver, push, self deception, swallows fly back, hare and porcupine, set the Thames a great coup, be strict in one's demands, look, the moon, symbols of young men's good conduct.
From the beginning of the new version, updated the animation list, let alone a bedtime story, mother baby story become more and more vivid!
Collection of animation: dolls, worm fly, earth small guards, singing and smile, clap your hands if you feel happy, three monks, rain, the grass, the little rabbit shop, a little boy.
"New stories"
A: Baby bedtime helper, mother's worry.
Two: the operation process is simplified, with each mother's story habit
Three: beautiful interface, is the baby most like fairy tale world
Your support is our motivation, please invite your friends to use, convenient world mothers!!!
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