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  • Puzzle
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SnakeShapes is a one-of-a-kind game that tests the short-term memory and dexterity of the player. Trace the snakes, a simple idea, hard to master.

The game is made up of a series of irregular shapes in the form of snakes. One of the snakes in the series flashes quickly on screen and the player commits the shape and its location to memory. The player then makes an attempt to trace the snake, as accurately as possible, by drawing a line along the path where the snake appeared.

A percentage score is given based on how accurate the line they have drawn matches the actual shape, and ultimately determines if they progress to the next level. The game progresses by presenting more complex shapes and reducing the amount of time the player has to register the shape; down to fractions of a second at the highest levels.

Snake Shapes simplicity makes it highly playable and easy to pick up. The games graphics are well-designed and create an ambient backdrop to the high-tempo gameplay, making it easy to stay immersed and become very addictive. Snake Shapes will appeal to an audience of a wide age range due to both it's simplicity and graduated difficulty.

"I love Snake Shapes, I give it 10/10." Fern, aged 9.

"It's actually quite a brilliant game" Paul, aged 37.