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Let’s play soccer with people from all over the world!

Soccer-ing is a FREE App that can enjoy playing soccer at virtual space among users.
New Concept of Social Community with networking others while playing soccer.
Activate Soccer-ing whenever you get outside, and enjoy playing soccer with other Team Mates from all over the world!

≪ How to Play ≫

Login is not required for Dribbling.
This measures the Points of where you [Start] and [Finish].
Shows the record of Total Distance, Time, Average Speed, etc. data.
You can also take memo by leaving some Comments at each event.

※Firstly, let’s Drop your [My Ball] around Station, Terminal, Crowded Areas, where other Players can easily find!

1.) Search for the Lost Ball around you.
2.) Tap onto the Ball, it automatically switches to Kicking Mode.
* You can only kick (pickup) the Ball within 1km distance.
* Semitransparent Balls are beyond 1km range, and unable to pickup.
3.) Change direction by sliding around the Arrow, referring to Power Indicator and tap [Kick].
4.) [Finish] Kicking with leaving some Comments, or you can [Retry] Kicking.

1.) You can Drop your [My Ball] at your present location.
* Please note that you cannot pickup your [My Ball] after it’s been kicked by any other Player.
* Also, you cannot kick your own Ball.
2.) You can check your History and Comment Lists by tapping [My Ball] and [Map].

◆Functional Features

Indicates the Route History using GPS(Location Service).
Shows Time, Distance, Route, Average Speed, and can take memo.
You can manage the Data by comparing the History Records.

Let’s search for the Lost Balls, once you get outside.
You can leave message and kick the ball within 1km range.
Let’s pass on to other Players with leaving some messages!

Drop your [My Ball] to a place where you would like to make Soccering Network, for instance, Station, Terminal areas, or crowded place where other Players can easily find.
You can check My Ball History, however only other Players can kick your ball.
Now, we will be adding fancy Items to the Lists, so please stay tuned!

You can view Information and Map Location of individual Items by Keywords searching.

【Consideration to Privacy and Security Matters】
* E-mail Address is required as Login ID, however this data is not intended for opening or sharing to others.
* Indicates Ball Movement Routes, however this does not mean the Movement Routes of individual users.
* 「Dribble」 Function is designed to communicate between your device and GPS, no data saved on our Service Operating Servers.

* Battery Use Disclaimer:
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
To avoid this battery loss, please refer to [Tip] at [App Info].

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