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SearchPatterns Pro Air

iPhone / iPad
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Do you FLY for Search and Rescue?
Then this is REALLY the app for you!
Easily calculate various values to help you manage your search patterns.
PLUS have a map displaying the search area and your search pattern, and with GPS equipped iOS devices, you can see your current position as well!
Universal App!

*** BETA: Track GPS Breadcrumbs and view on map
- Export GPS track as a GPX file into a supported app on the iOS device itself, or email it

Featured search patterns:
- Expanding Square
- Creeping Line Ahead (CLA)
- Sector Search
- Track Crawl

For each search pattern, you can:
- calculate total distance of your search
- calculate how long it will take to fly it
- calculate total square area searched
- calculate tracks
- enter wind speed & direction to determine headings to fly
- view/calculate left or right patterns
- display the pattern on a map
- view a Full Screen map in Portrait or Landscape
- view current position with reference to the pattern
- view calculated waypoint Lat/Longs to enter into a search GPS
- mark your current position for where you left track or for a call-around/sighting/on-top
- enter a variation so you can enter all tracks in Magnetic but the pattern is still oriented True North on the map
- enter distances/speeds in: nm / sm / km
- view bearing & distance to CSP from current position
- draw a line direct to the CSP from current position
- export pattern as a GPX file into a supported app on the iOS device itself, or email it

in addition to:

Expanding Square:
- calculate number of waypoints needed to enter the pattern in a GPS
- tap on the graphic to highlight which legs you have completed (iPad only)

Creeping Line Ahead:
- calculate number of legs to fly based on a given the distance you need to creep (defined search area)
- calculate the maximum distance you can cover based on a fixed amount of legs

- use 60 degree or 30 degree cuts
- calculate subsequent tracks

Track Crawl:
- use bearing/distance or Lat/Long inputs to calculate subsequent waypoints

Bingo Fuel Calculation:
- enter many airfields from around the world
- obtain METAR/TAF for destination/alternate
- enter fuel flow, airspeed and reserve to calculate your approximate bingo fuel amount from your current position or manually entered position
- can enter en-route winds for more accurate groundspeed variable in the equation
- use this only as a backup/cross-reference -- always refer to your training

Email the developer for questions/comments/requests