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Shimmer - Augmented Reality Viewer

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Entertainment
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Shimmer gives you the tools to view your own 3D creations in Augmented Reality - right on a bank note. Load 20+ of the included models or find thousands of models via the 3D Warehouse. Also, load your own models from Dropbox or email. There is no need to print out a marker, just point your camera at a bank note (see supported below) and watch your models come to life.

Compatible with:
* iPad 2, iPad 3, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S

**** Features ****
* View 3D models through your device's camera by pointing it at bank note
* Download your own models from Dropbox
* Find more models through the 3D warehouse
* Receive models via email (zip)
* New: View your Catch 123D models in AR!
* Textures automatically download
* Bank notes supported: U.S.: $1, $5 & $20, Euro 5, UK 5, Canada 5, Mexico 20, China 5, Hong Kong 10, India 5, Indonesia 2000, Japan 1000, Singapore 2

**** Supported formats ****
*DAE (Collada)
*OBJ (Wavefront)
*3DS (3D Studio)
*X (DirectX)

**** Dropbox details ****
1. Tap “Dropbox Login”, login to your Dropbox account and then click to allow access to the Shimmer app folder.
2. On a computer, upload models to your Dropbox's Apps/Shimmer folder.
3. On your device, choose the Dropbox tab and tap the reload button in the top left to refresh your model list.
4. Choose your model!

**** Email details ****
1. From a computer, zip the folder that contains your model and corresponding texture files.
2. Email that zip file to yourself as an attachment.
3. On your device, after the zip file has downloaded, select the zip and choose Open in “Shimmer”.

This is one of those tools you never knew you needed. Before your eyes, your model will have a whole new life in the real world, allowing you to evaluate and visualize your design. Place a kitchen appliance in its natural environment (on the counter), put your toothbrush on the bathroom sink, rest a phone on the night stand, visualize a couch in the family room, show a piece of equipment on the manufacturing floor, show off your products at a trade show, or give your sales force a unique and differentiating tool. The limits are only as far as your imagination can reach.