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Guitar Scales & Chords Pro - Learn to Solo

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Education
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* Learn Scales, Chords and Modes in any position with this fully functional guitar simulator.
* Listen and play back the scales or chords or view the patterns.
* Play to a click/backing tracks and solo / improvise in any key
* Interactive exercises to test knowledge and record progress.
* Includes support for left handers.
* No advertising and all content.

***** Guitar Scales *****
A reference to look up any scale in any key.
Listen to the scale played and then play it back.
Change the position.
Repeat scales ascending or descending or both.

***** Guitar Scales Game *****
Test your knowledge of scales.
Choose a level, or decide which scales to be tested on.
App challenges you. You play it. Check your answers.
See how you are progressing over time.

***** Guitar Chords *****
A reference to look up any scale in any key.
Change from open or 6th String, 5th String, 4th String
Strum the chords.

***** Guitar Jam *****
Select the scale, mode or broken chord in which you wish to solo in. This will highlight all the right notes within the selected key on the whole fretboard. Then jam to it by aiming to play from the highlighted keys. You'll be surprised how good you'll sound just by hitting a few of the right notes! Play to a click and choose different percussion as backing.
Record and Save your favorite jam sessions and play back your rockin' riffs at a later date.

***** Features *****
Each note at each string/fret combination individually recorded in recording studio for the clean guitar sound.
Choose between acoustic, clean or distortion.
Adjust the speed and volume of the scale for playing along.
Highly configurable.
Slide the note or strum the chord.
Highlight the whole fretboard to show which notes are within a chosen scale.