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Dominoes Number Match

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Designed and tested by educators and parents of young children, Dominoes Number Match presents an easy and entertaining way to master a variety of numeracy skills.

Dominoes Number Match uses the concept of traditional dominoes to present game play designed especially for young learners. Because this one game actually comprises four games of increasing complexity, it can both support and challenge players at a variety of skill levels.

The first game level, called Easy Match, uses pairs of dominoes to introduce children to beginning counting and number recognition by matching numerals to corresponding sets of dots. In the Easy Match level, built-in audio supports the beginning player with both identification of numerals and counting.

Match 3 and Match 6 then help children learn to quickly identify sets and numerals while building a traditional "train" or sequence of dominoes.

Finally the Full Game allows the proficient player to develop more sophisticated math skills such as instant identification of arrays of objects and creating problem solving strategies to win a game vs. the computer.

A variety of parent options allow for individualized play, allowing control over both the degree of difficulty and the look of the game. Options include specifying the numbers covered (0-3, 0-6, or 0-9); using dominoes that display dots only, numbers only, or a combination of the two (in Match 3, Match 6, and Full Game); and choosing whether or not to allow hints during play (in Match 3 and Match 6).

Dominoes Number Match skills focus
concept of number
identification of numbers 0-9
identification of simple arrays
rote counting
one-to-one correspondence
mental addition
problem solving/ game strategy