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Popular media suggest that heroes wear strange costumes and have super-natural powers such as the super hero images perpetuated in animation and sci-fi dramas. These images are entertaining but discourage viewers from recognizing and internalizing how they can behave as a hero. If people are brainwashed into believing that heroes fly, have x ray vision, or have other mutant like qualities they are unlikely to recognize how small gestures like calling the police when someone is being harmed is heroic.

This disconnect can breed complacency and encourage inactivity otherwise known as the by-stander effect. By-standers are those who witness injustice and reinforce it through silence or turning a blind eye. The line between being a by-stander and a hero or a future bully is small yet significant. Through this app users are given pictures that allow them to practice identifying situations in which a hero is taking action, a by-stander is watching, or a bullies anti-social behavior is taking place.

By recognizing the many ways in which heroes take action directly or indirectly users learn how to become a hero waiting to take action in their own lives. Likewise, users also learn how to avoid becoming a by-stander who transitions into a cyber-bully. The latter is often the case if a by-stander photographs or records someone being victimized and later posts the images online.

In the scenes in this app try to determine if the actors are primarily playing the role of a hero, by-stander, or bully.

Keep in mind that a hero scene will be one in which you have been asked to identify someone who is taking action to stop a bully or injustice. A by-stander scene is one in which you are asked to identify someone who is watching but not taking action to stop the abuse or injustice. A bully scene is one in which you are asked to identify someone who is behaving aggressively or taking advantage of someone.

Enjoy the App. Become a HERO!!!!