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You can send your questions or suggestions, and always will be served.
Find examples clearly explained, as well as tutorials, tips and tricks.
You can put your photos effectColor treated on this page.

In some panels slippers can go slow if preview is enabled. This is because some settings use complex mathematical algorithms and iPad's processor is not able to execute in real time. That is why there is the Preview button. But thanks to these algorithms, we achieve effects that do not have any of the image processing applications, including Photoshop.

This application consists of twenty panels with many options in each. One of the novelties introduced is that different settings can be applied to each of the three channels (red, green and blue) in most of the panels, which gives unlimited possibilities.

We use all the pictures that are in our photo album. When you save a new file is created, and our original photo will remain intact.

After applying our adjustments, we will have the option to undo the last step until we extract another panel, moment in which the option will remain annulled, but we will always be able to return to the original photo.

This application is twofold.  On the one hand, to retouch those photos that remained a little obscure, desaturated , toned, etc. , And secondly, as a tool for artistic creation. This is where you will not find any utility that offers the endless possibilities of this application. With a little imagination and fun after a stroll through the different panels, you'll see that you can create true works of art.

Many of the panels use completely original algorithms, whose result can not be compared with any of the traditionally used . For example the panel “luminosity“, putting three values to the maximum, leaves the photos to us with a vibrant light without any loss of color and without saturating the clear colors. As if we want to darken it without loss of color.

It is possible that some of the panels they result from difficult comprehension, like the counterfoil of color or the curves, but practising with them, in addition to entertained, will give us surprising results and little by little we will understand its functioning.