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Pictures for SLPs and Special Education Teachers

iPhone / iPad
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This app lets you have thousands of pictures at your fingertips—3,328 to be exact. Use the pictures for all communication goals. Customize the text for each picture. If you have iOS7, the iPad or iPhone will speak the text for you.

You may tailor the prompts to develop receptive, expressive language skills, articulation, word retrieval, pragmatics, voice, fluency, and more.

The settings screen lets you pick pictures that match the interests of the child you are woking with. There are 11 major categories like Plants, People, and Places and within each category there are sub-categories like Body Parts, Working, Playing, Airplanes, Trains, etc. So, if you have a child who is fascinated by trains or planes, you can pick photos that will keep their interest. If you are woking on expressive language skills, pick a category that they can relate to and ask the child to describe the actions in the picture. Can they imagine eating the food or petting the bunny?

Since you might not know what a gerenuk is (a really cute African antelope) or what all the parts of a train are called, we've put brief descriptions of the photos beneath the pictures. You can change the text to make age-appropriate sentences. If you have iOS7, tap on the picture to hear the text.

Record and play back the client's voice to practice good speech and score the productions. Results are tabulated and saved for use in IEPs and insurance reports. SLP determines the criteria for Correct/Incorrect etc.

Each picture has a “Favorite” and “Ignore” button so you can use just your favorite pictures (if you want) and ignore pictures you are tired of.