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Wing Pachi

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Casino
  • Simulation
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It's LOHO presents!
The game as retro pachinko of wing type.

It's the pachinko of the wing type which was before in fashion Japanese.
It's the application which carried out the perfect simulation of the physical action on which balls and nails bound.

You will put a ball into three prize holes, will put a ball into 'V' in the wing which opened, and will play a bonus round game.
The fan moved horizontally in the wing and has checked a ball entering 'V'.
Let's control ejection of balls, predict a motion of balls and motion of a fan, and aim at suitable timing.

Touch gesture support!
If 2 fingers are moved to right and left, the zoom of a pachinko machine is possible!
A pachinko machine is freely scrolled using single touch gesture.

GameCenter Leaderboard support.
The most acquisition balls in a jackpot can be registered.

GameCenter Achievement support.

Status display support.
If the lower right rectangle of a screen is touched for about 1 second, the menu buttons will appear.

If a handle is turned to the right, a ball will be ejected automatically.
According to a situation, at any time, please adjust to favorite strength and play.

If a ball goes into the prize hole of the right-and-left lower part, 5 balls will be gained and a wing will be opened once.
If a ball goes into the prize hole of the central lower part, 7 balls will be gained and a wing will be opened 3 times.
Therefore, a central prize hole is a shortcut to a jackpot!

15 balls are gained whenever a ball goes into jackpot area.
The gained ball is saved at the time of the end of a game, and can be reload as it is next time at the time of a game.

A jackpot round cannot be continued when a ball is'nt put into 'V'. Let's always aim at 'V'!
You will do full acquisition of the ball in the jackpot game of a maximum of 15 rounds.

Let's play time attack mode!
And you will compete the numerousness of the balls gained in the time limit!
There are three kinds of time attack modes which can play for 150 minutes, 60 minutes, 20 minutes.