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Healthy with Qigong Exercises

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This iPad Qi gong application is an upgraded version from our first version “Health with Simple Qigong”. Thanks to all the users’ review and support, we keep on working harder as a thank you to all the Qi gong fans.

This new version has included multi levels Qi gong. It becomes a collection of different common Qi gongs being practiced by Chinese community.

Qigong is not a mystery – with correct and precise instruction on every single detail, how to breath, what has to be careful, follow it and practice frequently, you have unlocked the secret of health and long living, enhance your immune system and positive energy.

Qigong has a long history as part of alternative medicine in China, demonstrated it has positive effects on various ailments. There is extra information about Qigong history, the person who invented the exercises and the invention concept. Decode Qi Gong completely.

This application feature 3D animation as instruction for each single movement, allow user to understand each movement easily and clearly, with the indication how to breathe, when to breathe in and breathe out, how long time to hold the breath. You can learn each exercise and practice daily with “Follow Shifu” at the end.

Music – 4 Chinese music at your choice, create a delight and richer environment for learning and practice.

Baduanjin – is a beginners level Qigong, a simple set of exercises made of 8 simple movement. It does not request many space and time for practicing. Only 10 minutes daily! Easy to learn, easy to practice, a simple Qi Gong for EVERY ONE

Five Animals Play – is a media level Qigong, request more co-ordination, a little meditation. It is not only fun to practice, but each movement can use as single treatment for specific organ.

*****Review from Healthy with Simple Qigong user*****
Paul M ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Beautiful qigong app. I like the way you can isolate, and review each of the eight movements. Wonderful music to go along with all of this. Thanks for a great app. One huge plus this app has is when breath retention is used in the movements the movements are enhanced tremendously. Been doing the eight movements for five years and I have never enjoyed them a much as when I used these movements with breath retention as this app instructs. Brilliant!

A fine, authentic QiGong workout ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I love QiGong and I really like a short workout. This just fits the bill. But, more important, it takes you by the hand and teaches you literally step-by-step how to do these wonderful exercises. I suggest you read all the instructions in order and learn one exercise at a time as the instructor advises. Then, do the entire thing. It makes you feel relaxed and rested and gives you lots of energy at the time. And to make you experience even more delightful, you can listen to the wonderful chinese music that accompanies the exercises. I love this app and highly recommend it to you.

Qigong ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This perfect for a beginner to start on right way. Instructions were easy to follow. Well done.

Great ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I love it

Thanks to all these users’ reviews!