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RingMe - Not!

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RingMe - Not!

"This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide any calling functionality."

This app should be in every iPhone! Special introduction price! Only 99¢ for limited time!

Have you ever been at a party or event were someone asks for your phone number but don't feel like giving it?

Well, you don't have to! Thanks to RingMe - Not!

RingMe - Not! allows you to make your phone ring at will and save yourself from an awkward moment: not wanting to give your number!

So how does this work?

Simple, just tap the screen of the phone and when you see the other person starting the call, release your finger! Is THAT simple!

How is this different from other fake calling options?

RingMe - Not! is extremely easy to use and effective! There is no complicated configuration. You'll be realistically synchronized as the situation evolves. The launch is quick and discrete for whenever the moment hits you.

You will think how you were able to live without this app! Well, maybe not, but it is pretty damn useful in case you ever need it.

So how to use RingMe - Not!?

With only 3 simple steps:

0) Open the RingMe - Not! app, in case this count as step :)

1) Touch the screen of your phone when you see the other person is typing on their phone the false number you give them.

2) Keep holding down your finger until you see the person hits the call button on their device.

3) Release your finger from the screen to start the virtual ringing of your phone.

That's it!

Both can then confirm that the call was "linked". As you see the other person cancel the call, press the "Decline" button on your screen to "stop the call".

Here are some Tips:

- Let the other person be the one calling you. Possible reasons to give:
a) My credit is low or out
b) I can't see without my glasses
c) My roaming fee will activate if I call you, do you mind calling me?

- When releasing your finger do it very casually. Usually it will be the thumb being brought up a very very small distance so is unperceivable to the other person.

For whom this might be unbelievable useful?

- At the party, for boys and girls! No more new Romeos or Juliets calling you at weird times of the day... every day!

- Business executives that don't feel like having more calls during lunch time or in the middle of the night.

- Or just anyone who doesn't want to share their private number!