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ShelfLook for iPad

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Do you hate turning your neck sideways to read book titles at libraries and bookstores? Or scrunching down to view lower shelves? With SHELFLOOK, those days are over!

SHELFLOOK is a wonderfully useful and unique application that lets you look at bookstore, library, and video shelves without twisting your neck and bending downwards to read titles.

● Just launch ShelfLook and walk along the shelves looking through your iPhone or iPod Touch.
● Book titles are now conveniently displayed horizontally for easy reading.
● Use the handy light feature for a brighter view! (iPhone only)

You can use the "Record" feature to record the contents of lower shelves, then play back the contents without having to bend downwards. After pressing "Record", walk the iPhone about a

foot in front of the lower shelf. (no need to crouch down for most shelves) When done, can press the "Stop" button. Now bring the iPhone back up, and press “Play” and “Pause” as needed to

watch the book titles, which are conveniently displayed horizontally for easy reading. After a little practice, you'll be a pro!


Love it ★★★★★ Beehummble
This is just as good as the iPhone version, very helpful when book shopping!

I love it ★★★★★ CM_Kubert
“This is a great app for people (like me) that are short or (like me) have a difficult time stooping down in the store. I have had both knees replaced (total replacements) and so I usually just sit on the floor of the grocery store or at Walgreens when I want to see the products on the bottom rows. Well, not anymore, not with this app ---- FINALLY!! Someone came up with a great idea. Listen, it takes a little practice to get used to but it is well worth the price.”

I Love This App ★★★★★ Rexmixmaster5000
“This App is incredibly useful. Its For people like me who don't like like to constantly turn your neck over and over again to decide what you want to buy. Its very useful. Especially if you don't like bending. So to anyone who is a book reader or in general at stores with shelves trying to decide what to buy this is the app for you”

Very Helpful ★★★★★ Mary Anne Hodel - Director & CEO Orange County Florida Library System
"This app is very helpful for anyone trying to read titles on shelves. It can be particularly helpful for those with disabilities."

Like a dream ★★★★★ Wmort29206
Thank you, saving me from straining my neck in book stores. Why didn't someone come up with this sooner. Thanks again. Great app.

DEVELOPERS NOTE - From David at Azymous Interactive
Originally the idea for ShelfLook came about because I was book shopping with my family (which we love to do!) and was suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck. Tilting my head to look at

the book titles was literally a pain in the neck! From that trip the idea for ShelfLook was born. We discussed the concept with family, friends, staff, and patrons at our local libraries, and what

we heard was that there is a huge population of elderly, injured, disabled, or otherwise physically challenged folks who could greatly benefit from the app. During testing of ShelfLook, we

found that lots of people really enjoyed the app, including those with no physical challenges at all. It's a lot of fun to use! Thanks to all for their input and support! - David