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Mental Math Master

iPhone / iPad
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Want To Take Your Maths Skills To The Next Level?

Mathematics is an essential skill if you wish to do academically. It is used in a wide variety of subjects, and quick mental math skills will increase your marks in many areas of schooling.

But more than that, math skills are useful in everyday life- whether it's quickly working out your change, how much to tip, or modifying a recipe, being good with mathematics just makes everything else seem easier.

So why isn't everyone good at maths?

It's because everyone thinks that mathematics is boring!

This app aims to change that point of view though. Inspired from popular game shows from around the world, playing this app will improve your mathematical abilities effortlessly, and you won't notice because you'll be having too much fun!

The aim of the game is simple- using the available operators(plus, minus, multiply and divide) and numbers, make an equation that is as close as you can to the target number. You've only got 60 seconds though, so don't think about it too long.

It's a great way to keep your brain sharp and active, and will improve your ability to work out things exactly in your head, as well as estimate things quickly.

Features include
-Beginner mode that is more suitable for younger children (Our youngest play tester was 6. She had fun playing, but required an adult to help)
-Advanced modes that improve accuracy and speed.
-A fun multiplayer mode so you can compete against others and show the world you are a maths prodigy!
-Achievements to challenge your newly improved maths skills.