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Smart Flash Cards Online

iPhone / iPad
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This app is free to download and free to learn the tips. If you think the tips are valuable, please share them with the button at the bottom of the tips view.

All data is stored in a database once you start to study, so there is an in-app purchase when you begin to study. If a lot of people hit my server at the same time, I would have to buy a bigger server. I can’t give that part away.

Please visit if you would like to see what it is like to study for free. It works the same way this app works except:

1. The student can’t take a break with the free web page. (This is a big deal during the first few study sessions.)
2. There are no reports for teachers / parents with the free web page. You can review the “Tough Ten” report for each student after they complete a deck with this app. This report shows which problems are the most difficult for each student.
3. The free web page has advertisements.

Here are the instructions for this app:

1. Prepare: Learn all the tips.

The tips are the first thing you see after the app launches. Make sure you tap every button at the top and you know them well enough to explain them to someone else before you tap "Study".

2. Practice. Complete all 144 problems every day for a week.

Tap the "Study" button. Register if you don't have a user and Subscribe.
You will be able to tap the study button on the login view after you subscribe. Tap the study button and answer all the questions as quickly as you can.

Remember, this is practice, not a test. Don't spend more than 1 minute on any problem. Use a calculator if you need it. If you are not typing, then you are not learning.

The first deck normally takes less than one hour. By the third day most students can complete a deck in 15 to 20 minutes. After 7 days most can complete all 144 problems in 10 minutes.

If you can complete all 144 problems in less than ten minutes you should know every answer without thinking about it. This is reaching mastery.

3. Finally, Succeed! You should be able to get your homework done faster, get better grades and perform better on standardized tests.

Note: This works on any browser and any iOS device. So, in theory a student could complete 50 problems on a laptop at school, 50 more with an iPad at home and the last 44 on an iPod Touch. All with the login you get when you register.

Also, if you purchase a multi-user subscription, tap the "Admin" button to add / delete and update users from the login page.