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Digital Checklist Pro HD

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Provides assistance with the creation, execution, and tracking of repeatable tasks and run sheets. Be it a backup process, a camping equipment list, or a pilot check list, Digital Checklist Pro enables you to create a simple execution sheet, and track this sheet through to completion.

The application provides:
•Templates – Allows the creation of templates, the grouping of repeatable activities, and the execution of run sheets.
•Results – Allows the Viewing of Past Results.
•Export Import – Allows the transfer of data between the device and iTunes.

The aim of Digital Checklist is to allow you to create Templates of repeatable activities, such as packing a car for camping, or backing up a server in IT, and executing this template over and over again. Allowing you to keep track of past runs, and compare them to current ones.

Data can be entered as a simply check box, or single line answer, multi line answer and even images.

Template Tab – Allows you to create Templates (repeatable activities) and execute these templates over time. Each Template consists of a series of predefined questions, and each question consists of a series of predefined attributes. The results of a question can be type cast (Boolean, Image, Single Line Text, Multi Line Text), Optional/Required.

Results Tab – Allows you to view past executions of templates and their recorded results.

Export Data Tab – Allows you to transfer the data from the device to your own computer using iTunes and the Synchronisation process. Templates can be exported and imported via iTunes, thus allowing you to generate templates on one device (or computer even) and transfer them to others.

The Pro version of the application is more advanced than the “free” version, allowing users to export/import data and tempaltes, and has more advanced data capabilities such as Image Capture.

The intent is that this application allows you to build a repeatable checklist, much like a pilot take off sheet for a plane, and then ensures you execute this check list over and over again.

Please enjoy the applications and any feedback is always welcome.

For further information regarding this application or others, please contact us at