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image2talk - functional communication app using real images

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
  • Medical
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“I think image2talk is an easy to use and simple system that could be used successfully 
by children and adults with emerging language skills. The instant feedback and the visual
nature of the system will help in reducing communication frustration.”
Claudine Ivers, Senior Speech and Language Therapist

image2talk is a simple to use, effective and fully customizable app that enables communication for individuals with whom verbal speech is impaired.

Whether an individual is having difficulty communicating due to autism, stroke or any other communication disorder, image2talk can give that individual the ability to express themselves through the use of images, text and speaker output.

Suitable for adults and children, straightforward and adaptable customization within image2talk allows for the creation a personal communication tool.

Unique to image2talk is that it completely eliminates the effort of having to navigate through menu or category pages. image2talk is based on the professional experiences of Fiona Wilson, a teacher working with students on the autism spectrum also presenting with general learning disabilities.

“My brother-in-law was an attorney. A massive stroke stole his words. Losing his words was devastating. Showing him how image2talk worked, including family pictures with names, he touched picture after picture - repeating the word or phrase perfectly. He was never able to remember how to say his wife's or his grandchildrens' names until he had this tool? I added a picture of a heart, typing "I LOVE YOU" for it, shortened the time and now he can say, "I love you, Elaine"!!! 
Do you know what a GIFT that is? ”
Judi Smolin, USA

“My daughter is 20 yrs old, moderate/severe Autism and though she can not talk, she does understand what is said to her verbally. She loves the REAL pictures. What I love about the Image2talk App is that it is so EASY to use, easy to change or add pictures, and the voice output is so clearly understood!”
Michele Skoog, Radcliff KY (USA)

* Tap and make images talk
- tap the image - e.g. tap an orange
- the image shows - see an orange on the screen
- speaker output emits response - 'I want an orange'

*Combine standard imagery with your own images
Create your own rows by deleting or reordering standard imagery. Add your own images via the Camera roll. Import rows from the gallery or your Dropbox folder. If required, start off small and build up number of rows and images over time

* Effective time delay - No need to press a back button
Tap an image, image enlarges and after a set time delay the basic overview screen will reappear. If appropriate, the time delay can be increased to give users opportunities to develop speaker and reader skills.

*Features from image2talk
- Tap image – it enlarges and speaks
- Simple overview screen eliminating the need to navigate through category and menu pages
- Basic default rows like food, feelings, etc
- Easily customize image2talk at source to meet individual needs
- Select gender and accent of voice
- Available in English, Dutch, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean
- Full library available in Dutch and French
- Any text entered can be generated as spoken text
- Import images from Cameral roll
- Save images from the internet, computer or regular camera and import from Dropbox
- Set time delay for basic overview screen to reappear
- Turn text labels on/off
- Turn voice on/off
- Set a PIN to settings to prevent unwanted changes

Fiona Wilson has been teaching students with special needs for over 8 years and prior this taught in mainstream primary schools in Scotland and Ireland.