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Learn Your States

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★ On (
★ Beanboolattie: "...the app rocks and I'm sure our little ones will benefit from it."

Puzzles, Flashcards and Facts to help children learn the states of the USA.

Learn Your States is a bright, interactive app to help special needs children learn their states. Included are a fun interactive puzzle, a customizable flashcard set of all the states and facts about every state.

Have fun learning about the states:
• Capitals
• State shapes
• State Birds
• Vacation Spots
• Location on the map
• Nicknames
...and more!

Specially formulated to have bright colors and a fun to use play method, this app was designed with children in mind. Special needs and developmental disorders were considered in the making of this app as well, so that this app could be used by any child to help learn about the US.

The nice thing about Learn Your States is that it is an app that can replace partnered study if you or your child has nobody to study with, or no materials to study with. Learn Your States is a high-quality set of tools to study the United States of America, independently or with a parent/teacher alongside you.

★ Learning Section ★

The first feature of this map is a set of facts about each state. You can tap on each state to learn basic facts about each state, including the state nickname, when it was admitted into the US and things such as state flower or tree. It also provides fun facts and possible tourist attractions for each state, so when quizzed in History class on when a state joined the country, they will know!

This section is designed to teach about state knowledge, in a fun and informative way. The knowledge gained here would be tested in the other two parts of the app in two different ways.

✔ Facts like State Bird, State Flower, and State Tree Included.
✔ Capital of every state included!
✔ Pictures are on every state page of notable state features
✔ Vacation locations are included in every description.
✔ Fun facts for every state are listed.

★ Puzzle Section ★

The puzzle feature of this app sets up a puzzle where the child will place every state in the correct position on the map. With a 'show state name' feature, you can show the state name to the child so they can learn the position of the state. Then, turn the state name off to test if they know the state from just the shape where it belongs.

This section is designed to test knowledge of state location, based on either only the shape (with the 'show state name' option turned off) or state location based off of the name as well. (with the 'show state name' option turned on).

✔ 'Show State Name' button
✔ Snap to Location for each state, so the child knows they got it in the right place.
✔ Check mark feedback when a state is placed in the right position.

★ Flashcards Section ★

Nothing beats a traditional set of flashcards. Customizable flashcard sets make up the third feature of this app. Name the state based off of the shape, and then tap the flashcard and it will turn over to show you whether or not they got it right or wrong. You can select which flashcards to put in use, to help someone work on only the states they need to work on, and leave out easy states like Florida and California. All flashcard sets are randomized, and include only the states you want them to.

This section is specifically made to test knowledge of the state name based off of only it's shape, so that knowing a state's name is not only relevant to it's position on the map. This way, kids know the name of the state whether or not they see it on a map.

✔ Select which states you would like to review
✔ Interactive flashcards, including pictures - more then any flashcard app!
✔ Easy tap-to-flip interface.