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FakeSpeed™ - Live The Thrills of High Speed Driving

iPhone / iPad
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Have you ever felt the need for speed?! Have you ever wanted to live the thrills of a high speed pursuit like those you see in the movies?! Have you always been responsible enough to not endanger lives and hence couldn't satisfy your need?! If you answered Yes to at least two of these questions, then we have good news for you...

Introducing FakeSpeed™, the first application ever to allow you live the thrills of high speed driving without sacrificing your license, or endangering your life. FakeSpeed™ utilizes all the high tech sensors in your iPhone to give you the thrill of high speed driving like never before!

Press the (Start) button and brace yourself for the ultimate experience... Drive your car normally and let FakeSpeed™ immerse you in your very own supercar...

• Hear the high revving V8 roar as you drive along.

• Corner normally and hear the tires skidding as if drifting through each corner.

• Press the Nitrous button and experience what it feels like to boost your car beyond its limits!

• Tired of playing the bad guy?! No problem, just tap the siren button and live the life of a highway patrol.

• No high speed car movie is good without spectacular crashes. Tap the crash button and experience what it feels like to be in one, while being perfectly safe of course!


Not only that, but utilizing all the amazing gadgetry in your iPhone, we are able to give you real data as well:

° Check your speed via the GPS on both analogue and digital gauges.

° Want to know how hard you can launch your car?! Or how many G's you can get whie braking?! Look no further, we put a G meter right there for you. *

° Since you're now in a supercar, you need to be able to check your cornering and body roll. Now you can always know if that new performance suspension you bought is really reducing body roll. **

° Since you'll be having lots of fun with FakeSpeed™, we tried to make sure you didn't get too absorbed as to get lost. The solution?! We put in a compass just for you!

° Since we love you, we don't want you looking away from us, hence we also provided you with digital displays of both the time and ythe weather for your current location. So you can always know if it's sunny outside for your next adventure!


* Drive safe and always obey traffic laws. Hard launching a car may be dangerous on public streets.
** Only meant for entertainment not actual measurements.