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ViDia - Diagram Tool

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ViDia can draw a diagram easily and quickly by drag-and-drop a shape from the palette.

Shapes are connectable, and it can move freely, with connection maintained. It is also easy to switch connection to other shape. The pen-tool and the text-tool help the sketch of your idea.

ViDia is equipped also with the pop-up controller by a hand as well as the operation by the general toolbar. Since it is not necessary to move a finger for operating to the toolbar, quick operation is possible. UI for operation is compact, and it is displayed that a shape is not hidden, it does not impress stress. It is a simple and intelligible interface.

Feature List:

50+ basic shapes and 8 edge types
Text in shape
Label on edge

- Pen Tool for Freehand
- Connection Tool
- Text Tool

Attributes Settings:
- Fill Color
-- Quick Gradient
- Stroke
-- Stroke Color
-- Stroke Width
-- Stroke Types
- Connection
-- Connectable/Not connectable
-- Connection Types
-- Marker Types (Start/End)
-- Flip connection
- Text
-- Text Color
-- Font Size
-- Font and Font Types(Bold, Italic, etc.)
-- Line Wrapping On/Off
-- Horizontal/Vertical Alignment
- Shadow
-- Shadow Color
-- Horizontal/Vertical Adjustment
-- Blur

- Delete/Copy/Cut/Paste
- Duplicate/Duplicate with connection
- Style Picking
- Group/Ungroup

- Alignment
-- Horizontal/Vertical Alignment
-- Horizontal/Vertical Justify
- Move To Front/Back

Page Settings:
- Page Size ("Free" contains)
- Page Orientation
- Grid On/Off
- Grid Types

- Open In Other Apps (PDF, PNG)
- Save To Photos (PNG)
- AirPrint (PDF)

- Import
-- Image Importing from Photo Albums
- View Fitting
-- View Reset
-- Fit To All