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AstronautiCalc for iPhone / iPod Touch

iPhone / iPad
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This app is written for space and spacecraft engineers. Taking its cue from a calculator app, it then expands that to add in specific altitude- or radius-based calculations for items of interest.

The app is similar in features to its bigger brother app for the iPad but spread over two screens for the smaller real estate of the iPhone screen.

The calculator value in the screen from the first screen is with a single button press on the second screen, accepted as input as either a radius value or as an altitude value for calculation of the orbit-related values of interest.

So, it's a fully featured calculator for mission analysis!

First screen:

- Calculator functionality
- Convert between radius and semi-major axis
- Convert between kilometers and Nautical miles

Second screen:

- Period
- Circular velocity
- Escape velocity
- Plane change delta V
- Revs/day
- Max duration for an eclipse in a circular orbit
- Apparent angular radius of the Earth
- Range to horizon
- Nodal precession rate
- Sun-synchronous inclination
- Maximum time in view above a ground station for various elevation angles
- Range for a satellite from a ground station for various elevation angles

Help functions explaining the meaning and the equations used are available on the second screen by pressing the appropriate red button.

SDD 5/28/2012