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Shopping list Helper: Manage your shopping lists, recipes and fridge

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Food & Drink
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Shopping list Helper merges into a single application, three types of applications:

- A manager of shopping lists (with barcode scanning, data sharing with other users, email sending and more than a hundred products already entered)
- A recipe and menu manager
- A fridge manager that can notify you before products expire

Instead of independent applications, opt for Shopping list Helper!


1) The shopping lists can be created in a conventional manner from a list of products but mainly from a list of recipes, a list of menus or even other shopping lists.

2) Shopping list Helper can also manage the stock of your products:

- If products you want to buy are already in stock, they will not be added to the shopping list.

- Once the shopping do, the stock will be updated automatically.

- You can set a minimum threshold for certain products. For example, you can specify that you always want to have at least 6l of milk in stock. If this is not the case, the missing amount will be automatically added to the shopping list.

- Shopping list Helper can even suggest recipes from what you have in stock (taken into account the expiration dates).

Shopping list Helper is flexible

Shopping list Helper fits the use you want to make:

- You can use it in a basic way by simply adding products to a shopping list.

- You can also use it further by defining multiple shopping lists, recipes, menus, managing your stock by entering the price of products, etc…

All uses between these two extremes are possible. It is up to you…

Alternative uses of Shopping list Helper

Shopping list Helper managing recipes, it can be used as a book of your favorite recipes.

Shopping list Helper also managing menus, it can be used to remember which menu you have served your guests. There is indeed nothing more unpleasant than to serve friends a menu that you have already done them a year ago ... Shopping List Helper can help you so that it does not occur.