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Prettifier: (n.) One who, or that which, prettifies or makes beautiful.

Have you ever wondered how many drinks you need to prettify him or her? well... wonder no more! that is what our prettifier does!

Sometimes people ask themselves how can that person be so ugly? Others ask the contrary; How can she or he be so pretty? Is it genetics? mmm.. well, not so sure…

The truth of all is that beauty is relative. But anyway… Who the heck you think you are to judge people's beauty?

Let that dirty work to the PRETTIFIER and see it judge you and your friends to see how beautiful they are.

Don't forget that the fact that is Friday and you are probably in a happy hour, the PRETTIFIER might give you a couple tips and will help you decide if you should hit or not on that person you are trying to prettify. The good thing about it, is that the app will actually advise you on how many drinks you need to take to beautify that person… Hey, after all beauty is relative.. remember?

TAKE NEW PICTURES, UPLOAD FROM YOUR OWN LIBRARY, SHARE ON FACEBOOK, SHARE BY EMAIL , Save to camera roll and let your other friends know how many drinks you need to prettify them.


... Drink responsibly!