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Catholic Altar Creator

iPhone / iPad
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Things are looking grim for you? Tired of all the cruelty in the world? Are you feeling lost and unhappy in the middle of a personal crisis? Or are you simply looking for reassurance that there is something else in the afterlife and you want to feel close to God?

Turn to religion and prayers for help and comfort and you will receive that feeling of hope again. You’ll learn that in the end, things are going to be all right.

Religion is a way of life and expression and belief is not tied to a church, you can say your prayers and be close to God anywhere. All you need to do is truly believe. Yet some bench-marks, such as an altar, a cross, or a statuette will surely help you feel closer to the Holy Spirit while you’re praying. But you can’t have all these items upon you at all times. So this is where the Catholic Altar Creator steps in for help.

A personal altar invites you to reconnect with the deeper part of yourself and with God. The altar communes with both the personal and the cosmic aspect of your being and allows you to embrace the divine. Catholic Altar Booth is meant to help you in your spiritual journey by providing you with all the sacred symbols you need to feel close to the sacred.

Your iPhone will be turned into a religious guiding object with sacred symbols. It will become an altar which you will have with you at all times, creating around you a special area for worship. A place where you can pray and meditate, a place for cleansing your spirit and helping you block out worldly concerns and focus entirely on your connection with God.

Catholic Altar Booth features images of mystical and sacred objects, all that you need to create your own praying space:

-Candles and sacred candle holders
-Angels statuettes
-Figurines of Jesus Christ
-Virgin Mary Statuettes
-Icons of Jesus and Mary
-Holy crosses
-Holy chalices

With Catholic Altar Booth you can create your own sacred space using all the holy and religious items you need to feel closer to the Divine during your prayers. The Altar Booth is intended to act as a catalyst for shifting thoughts from a busy life to the spiritual realm.

Open your heart and allow the Holy Spirit to invade your soul wherever you are.

God bless you and your loved ones!