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What's different about QuickStar app...
QuickStar is the seed to help you with:
Work,Meeting,Project,Travel,Home,Shopping & Events √
QuickStar is super quick so its the first place to go too √
QuickStar works in a clocklike manner, fits with how our subconscious works √
QuickStar has a feature that keeps it awake, for when you are extremely busy √
QuickStar is interactive, as soon as you type the Star is active √
QuickStar Stars show progress, completion and allow items to be ‘put off’ √
iCloud is enabled in the form of Cloud-container √
QuickStar is a universal app √
Instead of reminders beeping in your bag or in your pocket, wherever you are, you put QuickStar up, and there it is, everything that you need to complete your entries...

QuickStar is an app for planning like never before. QuickStar allows you to plan within a clocklike timeline. You can only be really efficient if you are working to a timeline, one that you are in control of and can change however you see fit.

Once you are up and running you can start using the Infinity Loop method, where as you complete the circle, you start using up the old entries. As soon as you edit or make a new entry, the Star turns Red, ready for ‘Starring off’. Adjust the time, continuing your existing timeline and so it continues infinite. Fill in your procedure for the day or fill in all the little things in-between that always get forgotten.

With QuickStar you have nice big stars to ‘star off’ as you go. QuickStar forces you to condense your scheduling entries to a minimum, so you know at a glance what you need to do Quickly and you can keep on top of everything. Your timeline could be minutes, hours, days, items or just numbered or anything you can dream up. Go QuickStar!
Features of QuickStar:

Always on Mode...
Switch it ‘ON’ to set your Auto-Lock option to ‘never’. So your device stays AWAKE!
This is only for short periods or plug a power cable in! This is handy if you are referencing your list and your hands are tied, you can keep referencing it and the device won't go to sleep. This is only for this application, the rest of your device continues as normal. If you swop to another app the device will go to sleep as normal.
Example: shopping: switch ON 'always on mode' - and you can do your quick shop with your items right there to complete without the device going to sleep.

To use new feature 'putting items off'...
Locking the Stars... (now for iPhone & iPad!)
To Lock:
Touch HOLD & then gently swipe
out of the Star to ‘LOCK’ it! √
To Unlock:
Repeat action again: Touch
HOLD the ‘lock’ & then swipe
out of Star to ‘UNLOCK’ it. √
Example: shopping: fill in your regular items and just unlock the items you need for that day!

iCloud is enabled in the form of Cloud-container
for each of the main areas. Everything is built around speed, so is kept local, but for info you want on all your devices, pop them in the Cloud-Container.