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CryptoBoxPro - Keep secure your passwords, credentials, photos, images and documents

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Photo & Video
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CryptoBox Pro is the most powerful and advanced app to secure your passwords, pin, notes, documents and pictures.

Most apps of this kind simply hide you data behind a password building the illusion of safety. Most times, all your data is stored on your iPhone/iPod without any protection and for this reason it is vulnerable to a hacker attack.

CryptoBox Pro is not limited to hiding your data behind a password, but it uses your password to encrypt your data with the most advanced encrypting algorithms based on AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) at 256 bit, the same used by governments to protect top secret and classified documents, in order to transform your iPhone/iPod in your personal Fort Knox :)

Moreover, CryptoBox Pro is the only app that ensures you no hidden internet connections. On the opposite from many other apps that establish unsafe connections to backup data outside your control, CryptoBox Pro doesn’t do any kind of hidden operations on the network.

CryptoBox Pro allows you to:
● Safely store your textual data, documents and pictures
● Password and pin manager
● Categorize your data
● Assign an image or icon to categories
● Use provided templates for the most common textual data (credit/debit cards, web sites, computers)
● View your pictures within a iOS Photos-like gallery with pinch and zoom gesture
● Preview multiple document formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, iWork, PDF, RTF and so on)
● Import pictures and documents from iTunes
● Export pictures and documents to iTunes
● Send pictures and documents via email
● Print your documents
● Import documents from any app that supports exporting such as Safari, Documents, Air Sharing, Downloads, and so on
● Backup all your encrypted data with iTunes and iCloud

CryptoBo Pro safely stores
● Notes (credit/debit cards, web sites login, computers login, custom notes)
● Pictures (BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA …)
● Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, iWork, PDF, RTF …)

Exclusive features:
● Anti-panic Gesture: if someone is approaching you, put your hand on the screen or pretend to make a call and CryptoBox Pro will automatically come back to the login screen
● Unauthorized access: for each unauthorized access, CryptoBox Pro stores the wrong password, date and even the GPS location and the picture of the attacker
● Advanced Encryption Standard at 256 bit for all your secrets. CryptoBox Pro encrypts all data in a directory that will be backup by iTunes or iCloud when the user execute a backup
● Advanced Hashing Standard for all your secrets in order to detect any unauthorized changes
● 100% no hidden connections: data entered into CryptoBox Pro remains on your iPhone/iPad and will not be subjected to any type of uncontrolled synchronization / backup

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