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Picture Book - The Body

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Picture Book - The Body, is a fun and educational app for children, 0-5 years of age.

Through sound and pictures there are more than 50 body parts to get familiar with.

Animated arrows shows easily where the child can go next.
(Move forward or backwards between the sections of the app)

- if you touch a body part, a pleasant female voice will name the part
- the name of the current body part is also written in colorful letters at the top of the screen
- the app is divided into 4 parts and covers most of the body's surface
- intimate parts are not a part of the app and no intimate parts are shown
- there is NO commercial buttons to take the child out of the app (100% ad-free!)
- made for children - by parents
- children 1-5 years of age have been used as "consultants" during the development of the app
- all pictures are in professional studio quality

The app will keep the toddlers busy for a long time, there are more than 50 body parts to "find"

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This program is only availible for iPad as the level of detail is far to great for the small screen of an iPhone or iPod touch

Thank you very much for downloading our app and even greater thanks go to all of you who takes time to rate the app in the AppStore.
More stars means more apps coming :-)

Let your children learn something new today!