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For those of you that live in the country side as I do, there is just one thing that can spoil the best eventing: mosquitos! I have been using different chemicals and they do work, but I think that there should be a more ecologically friendly solution out there so that no toxic substances are released.

After some research, I found out that high frequency sounds, also known as ultrasounds, can act as insect repellents, and actually they do work pretty well with mosquitos and gnats.

The good news are that the Apple iPhone can replay such sounds and its high quality speaker delivers them with an outstanding accuracy.

So I managed to create a choice of five ultrasonic modulated pulses to act as mosquito and insect repellents, ranging from 16 KHz, barely audible by humans, up to 24 KHz, not audible at all by humans.

There are several ultrasonic insect repellent apps, but none of them are able to reach frequencies as high as 24 KHz. That is 20% more powerful than the regular ultrasonic repellents working at 20 KHz! You can get other frequency ultrasonic repellents for a lower price, but this one rocks at 24 KHz!

So you choose. This app features the most powerful ultrasonic pulse that an iPhone can handle. That is why it works as intended.

This app is perfect for hiking, fishing, outdoor sports, camping or whenever a mosquito is threatening your patience!