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Numbers and addition for iPad

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Numbers and addition, (ZOSHINDO-JUKENKENKYUSHA Publishing) learning exercises for children aged 4-5 is now available as an iPad app!

This new app is an ideal and fun way for children to start learning about numbers. Children can have fun learning to count and using the exercises to teach them about numbers and learn basic addition by touching images on the screen and inputting their own answers. There is also a reward sheet to reward children for their hard work with stickers.
There are also lots of useful functions for the parents, such as useful memos in the Parents Area, providing pointers on how to instruct your children and a screen save function to record your child’s progress.


●Learn how to count from 1 to 20 by counting through as you touch the pictures on the screen, coloring in the right number of pictures and learn to write numbers on your own.

◎Learn all the basics about numbers in simple steps from small to big numbers, number sequences and basic addition.
・Which is bigger?
・Which is smaller?
・How many are there?
・What time is it?
・How many are there now?
・How many are there all together?
・Addition 1 (addition up to 10)
・Addition 2 (addition up to 20)

◎You can choose from two modes; Play with Help, or Play on my Own in each of the exercises. In Play with Help mode, you are required to write in each of the answers and may need to get some help from mom or dad. Play on my Own mode uses multiple choice questions and will tell you when you get the answer right so kids can learn on their own.

●Reward sheet
This app also has a reward sheet children can add stickers to each time they complete a drill in the numbers or exercise modes. You can also save the date and level complete screens to record your child’s progress.

(Original picture book description)
Basic exercises for young children [Introduction to numbers and addition]
Publisher: ZOSHINDO-JUKENKENKYUSHA Publishing Co., Ltd. (December 2009)
This book provides a series of exercises that are ideal to introduce young children to numbers and arithmetic. Children begin by learning to count and practicing to write the numerals up to 20. It then uses a step-by-step and enjoyable approach to teaching which numbers are bigger or smaller, number sequences, basic addition and reading the time. The book includes a progress card, which can be used again and again and stickers to reward children for their hard work.

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