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Panther Moto Racer

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Moto Racer is designed for individuals with motoric disabilities. See how we're making games more inclusive for kids.

• A full range of speeds, including very slow ones for people with limited motion.

• Develop motoric accuracy. Start by leaning to place your hand in the line of the car - and it goes. Hit obstacles and start again.

• Ability for individuals to race the same course at different speeds, so you can compete with others as you compete with yourself. Anyone can win!

• Two different tracks. Four cars. Constantly changing courses. Variety. Fun. Gorgeous design. And complete engagement!

• Completely thought-out controls so that individuals with different motor abilities can all play, enjoy, and participate at their own level. And so people learn basic motions that will benefit them as they use the iPad and other Panther products.

"Panther products are not just thoughtful and uniquely creative. They also reflect an expectation that young learners will succeed in ways that may have seemed impossible before. It's rare that products show this kind of respect for its users."
- Alan Brightman - Vice President, Global Accessibility Yahoo!

"What makes Panther special is that Richard Ellenson comes at this from the perspective of a parent of a child with a disability. This isn¹t a just a tech company, but one created by a parent who has a deep technological background, and also knows first-hand how new ways of thinking and the advent of apps can open up the world for a child. The inaugural Panther products are designed to create a life without limits for children with disabilities, and UCP applauds Richard¹s vision.
- Stephen Bennett, President & CEO, United Cerebral Palsy

"Panther's apps are providing something novel, fresh and exciting. A fantastic platform for building skills and doing everyday tasks - with an interface that is innovative enough to include many people across the Autism Spectrum and intuitive enough for all of us to begin embracing it. In a very complex world, these apps are simplifying the path to increased potential and possibility."
- Marc Sirkin, Vice President, Autism Speaks