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Ricco2 ver 2.0 is Comming !!!

= Please download this app in Wifi area. =

123 Stamps implemented !!
16 Flames implemented !!
1:1 Flame system implemented !!
Change of the UI design !!
Improvement of the operability !!

Please enjoy it in Ricco2 which was reborn newly !!!

by Ricco.


= The Ricco app second comming !! =

Ricco2 is the collage app that there is with a photograph with the pretty frame and stamp which illustrator Ricco. designed.
You choose the background (photograph) and attach a frame and spin a stamp and You put it pitapat and can play size to like!

The Ricco app is released in 2010 and gets the first place in AppStore entertainment pay section. We had large number of media, blog take it up as recommended app, and it was downloaded by users of the world and had many messages.

This time, We did not improve the app and produced it as new app "Ricco2". Because An Artist "Ricco." has a user enjoy Ricco app more by making it easy to use the app more. We let application reflect the opinion of the user as much as possible and wanted to let you implement a further laborer. and Basic alteration was necessary, but, not version up, was endowed at an opportunity to realize it.

The relations of the budget cannot let you reflect all the opinions that had there be it, but think that We become considerably convenient in comparison with the previous work. In Ricco2 which became new, please enjoy a view of the world of illustrator Ricco.!

Thank you.
- Ricco2 production team -

= Additional function from a previous work =
• Became able to put a frame on the photograph
• Supported a wide photograph
• Add stamp Undo function
• Improvement of the stamp deletion method (disappeared by a stamp push and hold)
• Add the temporary preservation of the work screen, a summons function
• Add a stamp collective deletion function, all deletion functions
• Improvement of UI and the screen transition
• Improvement of the stamp resolution
• Improvement of the stamp operability
• Add the extended reduction function of the photograph

= The latest stamp and frame design =
• 272 stamps
• 31 frames

* desirable for downloading in Wifi.
* The setting maximum number of the stamp is 16.
* It is only one temporary preservation of the screen, that you call it and can save it by a function. The preservation contents please be careful at one time when they lose app because they disappear.