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LectureMonkey - lecture recording and note taking assistant

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Over the last year I have been focused on one issue – helping students get better grades. What I found isn't surprising – good lecture notes are the best way for students to succeed. In my research I discovered a powerful new way for students to easily take great notes (and get better grades) - combining lecture note taking with the multimedia capability of the iPhone.

LectureMonkey's blended lecture note taking system automatically combines lecture material (presentation, boards and audio) with interactive, collaborative class comments (bookmarks, annotations and links). LectureMonkey is an easy way to create great notes for review and a powerful ally for better grades.

The most surprising insight from my research is how difficult it is to take good notes – most lecture notes are sorely lacking. What is even more surprising is that note taking hasn’t progressed much over the last 50 years. Of course, students now use laptops instead of pen and paper – but that has been shown to actually be detrimental to learning. So I created LectureMonkey - a simple blended note taking system that can help any student do better in school. LectureMonkey is based on extensive academic research and field testing with college students.

LectureMonkey is the ultimate lecture note system for college. LectureMonkey harnesses the power of the iPhone by using image processing and audio enhancement to automatically record multimedia summaries of your classes, ensuring you have the material you need, when you need it - before midterms and finals.

LectureMonkey makes it simple for anyone with an iPhone get better grades by creating a crowd sourced slide show of everything that went on in class – audio, boards and presentation. All you need is an iPhone, LectureMonkey app and a free Dropbox™ account.

If you have a good seat with a view of the front of the room just press record, point your iPhone towards the front of the room and LectureMonkey automatically creates a lecture summary by recording the lecture with all its content (presentation, boards, audio, class comments).

If your seat is less than ideal, or you don’t have a stand - just use capture mode. LectureMonkey capture mode records audio – and automatically takes an image whenever you pick up the phone and point it at a presentation. These images are automatically integrated into your lecture summary.

But that is only a small part of the solution. LectureMonkey also enables anyone recording to add comments just by typing in a message. Comments can be added directly through the app, or by logging in at while recording. These comments are automatically incorporated as part of the lecture recording. So at the end of the lecture you have a summary - audio, images of the boards + presentation, and your comments.

Now for the best part – not only do you have your own recorded summary of class, LectureMonkey gathers the images, video and comments from all the participants to create a combined lecture summary and sends that to all the participants when class is over. Just think - before exams you can easily review any lecture using the images and comments to quickly jump the parts you need.

If you are a student – try LectureMonkey. It will help you get better grades – all you need to do is remember to use it during class.

If you are a teacher – LectureMonkey is a tool that will let your students get the most from your lectures. LectureMonkey uses patent pending smart capture technology that compresses an hour lecture into a high quality recording that uses only about 50MB of storage. Collaborative, active learning and flipped classrooms and active classrooms are now within everyone's reach.

New - LectureMonkey now lets you upload your lectures directly to your YouTube™ account and create your own public, unlisted or private videos - making it even easier to share your lectures and spread the word.