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DASH - The Automatic Tap and Sprint Starter’s Pistol for Track Athletes

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Dash is an automatic starter's gun for track and field athletes, created by ex-international class sprinters. Featuring both manual and automatic mode, coaches and athletes alike can use this fun, stylish training tool to simulate a track umpire's start commands and starter's pistol.

No more starting block training on your own - Tap and Dash can provide you with a professional-quality start while you concentrate on improving your starting technique and shaving time off your reactions.

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★ Simply, easy-to-use interface: Tap and Dash will guide you through an automatic start sequence
★ Use Manual Mode to simulate a starter's pistol - press the top of the button to fire the gun, press the bottom to fire the false start gun
★ Use Automatic Mode and the Dash track umpire will provide the athlete with start commands.
★ Automatic Mode randomises the time the athlete is held in the 'set position' - which is then displayed on screen
★ Cancel an automatic start at any time to hear the 'STAND UP' command from the Dash track umpire
★ Select the delay in between the 'ON YOUR MARKS' and 'SET' commands in Automatic Mode
★ Select the volume of the Dash starter umpire's commands and gun
★ Use Dash to train your reaction times
★ Displays information on current world records on screen in Manual Mode

Perfect for:
✔ Small sprint squads - everyone can practice starts together - let Dash do it all
✔ Training your reaction time - Dash fires the starter's gun at randomised delay periods following the 'SET' command
✔ Coaches - let Dash start your athletes, so that you can analyse the start from any vantage point
✔ Saving money on expensive starter's pistols, caps and accessories
✔ Simulating race conditions - every hold in the set position is different
✔ Training alone - place Dash next to your starting blocks and practice starts on your own
✔ Connecting to external speakers - plug-in directly or use Airplay to connect Dash to external speakers for added realism
✔ Fun games with your training partners - who has the best reaction?

Some great reviews

Awesome App ★★★★★
Easy to use and a great help on those days when my slack training partners fail to turn up!! - by SimKat3006

Brilliant! ★★★★★
This is a brilliant app. Really easy to use, very realistic and looks really great too. We've been using it at start practice and it is exactly what we've been looking for. Makes practice really fun. - by XT User

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