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WorldClock keeps track of the time in your friends' & colleagues' part of the world so you don't have to. Add multiple clocks displaying different time zones and personalise them by renaming them to something more meaningful - like a friend, relative or client, so you'll always know the best time to get in touch.

Available at a special introductory price.

Just tap on an empty space to add a clock, choose a location and then (optionally) an alternate name for the clock. Tap on the clock again to edit these settings or delete the clock.

You can tell at a glance whether it's a good time to get in touch or not - if a clock is white it's daytime, black it's night.

Relative time - WorldClock also helps with those tricky time zones by telling you if it's today, tomorrow or yesterday.

Personalise locations - by necessity, apps of this nature only list major cities but WorldClock lets you find a city in any time zone and rename it with something more local. Why get stuck with New York, London, Paris, Munich when you can have Hoboken, Croydon, Calais, Frankfurt?


•Personalise your location names

•Easy to read display

•Day or night at-a-glance clocks