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Informer - Mobile Device System and Network Information in Detail.

iPhone / iPad
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Informer provides key information about your IPhone/IPad device.
Informer displays disk and network information, user environment, RAM and other details.
The app shows basic device parameters, current system settings and even list of planned events.

Informer supplies you with clear information regarding processes currently running on your device.

The app allows you to monitor your device's performance using four panels:

–Hardware panel
Contains data on device type and series, RAM, and additional modules such as accelerometer, magnetometer, geolocation capabilities etc.

- System panel
Shows information about system configuration and current parameters such as memory and hard drive usage, as well as device's name, address book usage and calendar (upcoming events).

- Communication/ networking panel
Displays network properties and information provided by your mobile operator such as current Internet connection status, mac address, ip address, your mobile operator and supported frequencies.

Location panel
Determines the current location of your device and shows the map coordinates,
address of the location (if available) and displays your device location on the map.

Informer delivers you the most comprehensive information for monitoring and analysis your device's performance. It shows the current parameters beginning from the most basic device status parameters disk usage, network connections and carrier information, and ending with advanced user data such events you have planned in the calendar, your location and name of mobile operator, currently provides you with mobile connection.

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