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Cartoon MEMORAMA Pairs Games for both children and adults

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★ Original illustrations by famous Zdenek Smetana, as we all know from the popular TV cartoons. + Try also versions for ★iPad ★iPhone and ★MAC OS ★ This game requires NO in-app-PURCHASES. This game includes 2 play sets - each with 64 cards (32 picture pairs). ★ A unique system of score calculation enables online sharing of your top scores. You can see both world-wide and national top scores. Will you beat them? ★ Children will enjoy shuffling the cards using our realistic gravity animations. We wish you a lot of fun! ~ Ilustrace © Zdeněk Smetana. Licence Merchandising Prague ~ TRY OUR OTHER GAMES ------------------------------------------------ ★ ★ Memorama {MEMORY} Pairs Game (+iPad +iPhone +MAC) ★ Edu Cards for Pre-school Kids (+iPad +iPhone +MAC) ★ 1st Word Builder with Oliver (+iPad +MAC) ★ English ABC Speaking Flash Cards (+iPad) ★ English/Czech/German/Spanish/Russian ABC Speaking Flash Cards (+iPad) ★ Group SMS with Delivery Reports (+iPhone) ------------------------------------------------ ...find more games on ➜ YouTube video: