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Visual Sequencing Lickity Split!

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Visual Sequencing Lickity-Split helps children and adults of all ages to improve their visual sequencing skills. Everyone above the age of 7 should be able to remember visual sequences of at least 7 numbers. Can YOU do it? By increasing your visual sequencing levels you will see increased short term memory, increased attention span, improved organizational skills, better spelling skills, greater reading comprehension, as well as improved behavior, social skills and the ability to follow directions. Who couldn't benefit from ALL of the above?

During a Visual Sequencing session, 2 to 15 numbers (based on the current settings) will be shown on the screen for one second. The user is then taken to a screen where the numbers will be input in the exact order that they were shown.

With daily practice, sequencing levels will increase and progress will be made! Building sequencing skills can help children and adults of all ability levels including special needs, gifted and talented, brain injured, and "normal".

Visual Sequencing Lickity-Split allows you to save the settings for one individual and includes only the Visual Sequencing session. You can use the program for multiple users by a simple and quick change of the current settings. Check out Auditory Sequencing Lickity-Split for a single user version of the Auditory Sequencing session.

Want a multi-user version of Visual Sequencing Lickity-Split that also includes Auditory Sequencing? Check out Sequencing Lickity-Split!