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Z - Zombie Survival Kit, Infection Scanner, Compass and Diary

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
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This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true DNA Scanning functionality.

The ultimate catalog of Zombie survival gear! Z - Zombie Survival Kit
No searching, everything you need is catalogued in Z!!



Welcome Zombie Wasteland Survivor!

The most impressive and Zombie Infection Scanner application on the market. Check out the screen shots and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed !!!

You now have access to the latest in DNA typing to scan if you have been infected with a strain of a Zombie Virus. We have included the best possible graphics, leaving no room for any competition. This is the ORIGINAL the one the only, Zombie Infection Scanner. We cant wait to have you apart of the Survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse.


Zombie Security Scanner Pack

Digital Diary, record your stories!

Compass, find your way

Ultimate catalog of ZOMBIE Survival Tips.
The best tips to help you survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

See a fingerprint on the surface and watch it move on the screen along with your finger. The scan will either grant access to the device or sound a loud alarm depending on who uses it. You can control the outcome of the scan. Read the info page to find out how.


1. For infection clear every time simply open the
application, tap the top left of the screen one time with your finger. Now that you have tapped that image and unlocked the infection negative, it will give you infection negative on the next finger scan. 

2. After completing step 1, place your finger on the scanner and when its completed you will have infection negative. Anyone who does not tap that image will INFECTION DETECTED every time.

In order to trick your friends, tap that image every time before you scan and get INFECTION CLEAR and they will wonder why they always get INFECTION DETECTED. If you do not tap the top left before you scan it will give you INFECTION DETECTED every time you run the finger scan. This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide security functionality.

Any questions or issues, please report them to