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Puzzle Battles

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Puzzle Battles is a mobile gaming app for tablet platforms. It is based on jigsaw puzzles where you put pieces together to form a complete picture. With Puzzle Battles you can compete against time or against someone else to complete a puzzle of your choosing. You can challenge yourself by choosing the appropriate difficulty level, between Easy, Medium or Hard levels.

While competing in the Puzzle Battles, you can enjoy some great music shipped with the app or you can choose any music from your device music library. For your puzzle, you can choose from one of 24 themed pictures or choose any picture from your photo album!

Press Play to start the game using your last selected settings.
Tap on ‘Change Audio’ to set the background music played back during the games. You can select any music from your iTunes music library.

Tap on ‘Players’ to select your game play mode. To play in battle mode between two players select ‘Multiple’ Otherwise, choose ‘Single’.

In both modes you will first be asked to set up the game:
You can choose your player name to be saved in the best scores.
You can choose the game difficulty level:
Easy : 9 puzzle pieces.
Medium : Normal 25 puzzle pieces.
Hard : 25 pieces with different angles. You will need to rotate the pieces to fit them correctly. You can choose the picture to be used as your puzzle. You can select one of the six existing pictures or select from your photo album.

In Single player mode, use rotation gesture to rotate pieces, and in multiplayer mode use the icons to select a piece and then rotate it.

In “Single” player mode you can play in either “Regular Puzzle” or “Beat the Clock” mode. Regular puzzle has no time constraint but in “Beat the Clock” mode you will have to solve the puzzle within a fixed time.
Tap on the “Question” icon in the game-play screen for more help.