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"Great app! It makes reading web comics so much easier than keeping bookmarks. It's a pain with iOS..." - A user, Germany.

"Also, I love the app!" - A user, USA.

"This app is great though, better than dealing with a PC." - A user, USA.

WebcomiX is a web comic reader for the iPod/iPhone/iPad. There are a number of others out there but WebcomiX has several MAJOR advantages over them.

To begin with, it contains a collection of 80+ of the most popular web comics which you can "subscribe" to. This puts them in your Favourites screen and whenever you run the app, it tells you if there are any new episodes.

1) If the comic is a series of "stand alone" comics, then it will always show you the latest. If it is a continuing story, then it will continue where you left off. No more reading the story backwards or bookmarking each comic you read.
2) It has a simple interface. It has buttons for Previous/Next, First/Last, Random and Goto. These work for all the comics so no more hunting around for the correct button on screen. To go to a particular episode, tap the episode number at the bottom and enter the episode you want.
3) If a comic uses "Alt Text" then there is a button to bring that up. This is only visible on comics that use it.
4) It comes with 80+ of the most popular web comics ready loaded and a screen to show which are the most popular
5) The Titles screen lists all the comics sortable by name or genre. The Favourites screen allows you to choose your favourite comics for easy access.
6) iPhone/iPod users now have the option to zoom into a comic when viewed. This can be turned on or off with the iOS settings app.
7) Its free!!!

Note: Most of these functions ONLY work if you use the navigation controls supplied in the app. If you use the next/prev buttons in the comic itself then your progress will NOT be tracked. You can also turn the unread comic badge off from the settings app.

It is worth noting that as we don't screen scape the comics, the owners get their advertising revenue even when you use this app. We have one ad on the Favourites page. Any other ads that pop up belong to the comic. That is beyond our control.

2 Guys and Guy
A Girl and Her Fed
A Softer World
Abstruce Goose
Antihero For Hire
Ava's Demon
Brain Slug
Cat & Girl
Cucumber Quest
Cyanide & Happiness
Darth & Droids
Dead Winter
Diesel Sweeties
Dinosaur Comic
Doghouse Diaries
Eerie Cuties
El Goonish Shive
Full Frontal Nerdity
Girl Genius
Girls With Slingshots
Grrl Power
Gunnerkrigg Court
House Pets
Johnny Wander
Journal Comic
Kohta The Samurai
Least I Could Do
Left Handed Toons
Little Dee
Little Gamers
Loading Artist
Menage a 3
Mr. Lovenstein
Mystic Revolution
Nerf Now!!
Nuklear Power
Omake Theater
Order of the Stick
Over Compensating
Paradox Space
Penny Arcade
Perry Bible Fellowship
PHD Comic
Quantum Vibe
Questionable Content
Sam & Fuzzy
Sandra and Woo
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Scary go Round Presents
Shi Long Pang
Sister Claire
Sluggy Freelance
Something Positive
Supernormal Step
Surviving The World
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
The Devils Panties
The Dreamland Chronicles
Tom the Dancing Bug
VG Cats


Dumbing of Age
I Am Arg
Headless Bliss
Irregular Webcomic
Hark, A Vagrant
Dork Tower
Sticky Dilly Buns
Ship in a Bottle
Schlock Mercenary

** Yes, we do Homestuck but we do NOT do the flash animations or sounds. I am sorry if that impairs your enjoyment but there is absolutely NOTHING we can do about it.

Small Print
All comics remain the sole property of their creators. All copyright remains entirely with them. If you would like your comic removed, added or changed in any way then contact us at and we will do our best to help you.