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High-pressure sodium luminaires are the most common streetlights, but are also outdated and incredibly inefficient. Because of this, many cities and businesses are switching to LED Streetlights. With this app, learn how SWARCO Traffic Americas’s Futurlux LED Streetlight can save you energy and money with your LED retrofit.

Futurlux is one of the most efficient and advanced LED streetlights in the industry:
•Projects up to 125 lumens per watt
•With intelligent dimming, adapts to changes in light, weather, and traffic to conserve energy and provide better luminance
•Can be operated remotely or run on a tailored dimming schedule
•Lasts four times longer than common high-pressure sodium streetlights
•Intelligent Degradation Compensation prevents loss of initial intensity during the luminaire’s seventeen-year lifespan
•Projects a soft light and natural color with a CRI of 65
•Emits a targeted luminance significantly decreasing light pollution, making the streetlight IDA certified “Dark Skies Friendly.”
•Multi Layer Lighting Technology and independently functioning LEDs work together to eliminate dark spots and increase reliability

SWARCO’s advances in the LED streetlight can result in an average of 80% energy saving when a city or business switches from high-pressure sodium lights. Futurlux is also 30% more energy efficient than the typical LED streetlight. However, every retrofit brings different results, so we’ve created… The SWARCO LED Calculator.

This app advises you on the LED retrofit process, finding you the perfect Futurlux LED streetlights to replace your current high-pressure sodium fixtures.

It’s easy:
•Follow the steps to input your current street lighting information:
oNumber and types of fixtures
oEnergy consumption
•The app drafts an email-able summary:
oRecommends the types of Futurlux LED fixtures needed to upgrade your streetlight network
oCalculates your energy savings with the retrofit
oOutlines when the lights will start paying for themselves

Join the LED retrofit with Futurlux by SWARCO Traffic Americas.