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Map My Globe Full

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Do you know how many countries there are in the world? Or which continent has the most countries? Test yourself, with KidsAndBeyond’s latest app, Map My Globe Full! Using our free app, Map My Globe HD, as a springboard, Map My Globe Full allows users to not only place the continents and oceans in their correct locations, but also gives users the opportunity to place each separate country within each continent! Place the countries in the correct location with the fewest errors to earn points and redeem fun travel-related prizes (in the app).

Along with learning the location of each country, users are also presented with flash cards, which give them information on each country. Listen and read along to learn about capital cities, regional languages, currencies, and bordering countries. Older children can challenge themselves by reading about landmarks, animals, music, and fun facts for each country.

Check your knowledge of each country by completing 5 levels of the QuizMaster, which draws its questions from the fun facts presented in the flash cards.

Up to four users can enter a user profile to keep track of scores and check the progress made. Earn the maximum possible points to win the geography championship trophy and printable certificate!

With bright, colorful, illustrations that accurately portray each asset, Map My Globe Full will make you think that you’ve traveled to each continent!