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"GoblinRunning" is FREE Action game.
You run about stages of world of "Please save my pandemonium".

*** How to play ***
- Goblin is running by automatic and can not stop.
- Tap screen to jump Goblin.
- Tap screen again to more jump when Goblin are in the sky.(Dual jump)
- You shall not do these:
1. Bump against a wall
2. Fall into a hole
3. Hit enemies
Goblin is dead.
- You must go toward the goal.

*** Feature ***
- "Story mode" is aim to release hidden characters.
- "Running mode" is aim to make high score.
- 9 kind items are appeared in stages.
- Goblin have stamina parameter. Decrease stamina when Goblin jumped. If stamina is decreased, Goblin's jump power is down.
- You can rescue max 4 Goblins. Rescued Goblins run in a line.
- If Goblin at head of line is dead, Goblin at second of line moves head of line, and continue running.

*** Items ***
[Normal Items]
1. Staff : Come to be able to do Special attack
2. Harb : Recover stamina, add Barrier.
3. Mantle : Come to be able to triple jump.
4. Jail : Rescue one Goblin.
5.Pot : Add 100 points scored in "Running mode".
[Special Items]
1. Sword of maou : Increase Party(number of Goblins in line) +1.(Normal 3, Max 4)
2. Shield of maou : Stamina decrease become half.
3. Staff of maou : Come to be able to do Special attack always.
4. Mantle of maou : Come to be able to triple jump always.

Please save pandemonium by you. ( and save materially!?)