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Move the line around and destroy!
Fun physical touch action!

A crisp sense of manipulation that adheres to your finger. A high speed setup. “TenSiON MAX” is a game where targets are quickly destroyed by manipulation of light balls with the power of flexible line. Easy playing in seconds just by moving the fulcrum with the touch of your finger. You will certainly enjoy the action in the new-experience zone. And the combination of an abstract world view and fun sound effects will draw you into this tiny physical world before you know it. . . !?

Very simple game contents!
But even core gamers find themselves stimulated into a desire to challenge the deeply convincing score rules with the thrilling tangle of the “combo,” “break rank." As your skill increases, you will get an explosively increased score. How far can you increase your score? Just what are your limits?

* How to Play
By moving the fulcrum with touch, indirectly manipulate the light ball attached to the end of the flexible line. You add to your score when you hit and destroy the target with the light ball. The game is over when the line is stretched so far that it breaks or when the remaining time expires.

Use such systems as the combo in which the faster you destroy the target, the higher will be your point receiving ratio, and the destruction rank that gives you a higher point receiving ratio the more the line is stretched to near breaking point. So try to make a record-breaking score!

* Sense of Newness
“Angry Birds” is one of the famous games that evoke a direct user experience through a combination of touch manipulation and physical simulation, but this is a new game that provides the new experience of speedy development, continuous touch manipulation that brings to birth a sense of absorbed involvement, and obtaining of a high sense of real time through touch manipulation.

* Additional way to enjoy the game
Through heavy low sound transmission, and piercing high-pitch sound effects, the MIXed “TenSiON MAX” takes you on a trip into a game world view when you play it while using earphones.